Recorded 11/10/2015

The definition of “family” today looks much different than it did even twenty years ago. In fact, in the United States, “non-traditional” families, such as domestic partnerships, blended families, unmarried couples, and same-sex married couples to name a few, now outnumber “traditional” married husband-and-wife households. The needs of these so-called “Modern Families” don’t fit neatly in our financial and tax system, and therefore require specialized planning. Here we will address the special considerations and unique financial and estate planning opportunities available to these families.

Kirsten Waldrip, JD, is an Associate Professor of Estate Planning and Taxation at the College For Financial Planning. Kirsten worked in private practice as an estate planning and administration attorney prior to joining the College. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies of Business and Communication and received her JD from Syracuse University College of Law. You can contact Kirsten at

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