This module introduces you to the Hewlett Packard 10BII+ financial calculator, starting at the very beginning of the process with basic functions and terminology. Calculations are then covered, including solving for future value, present value, rate of return, and payment. Amortization is covered, enabling you to calculate mortgage and car payments, and be able to look at any point of time during the loan and calculate how much interest and principal has been paid, and whatever loan amount is still outstanding. The module ends with a discussion of the impact that using different interest rate assumptions will have when doing time value of money calculations and projections for clients.

Author: Jim Pasztor, MS, CFP®

Jim Pasztor, vice president of Academic Affairs at the College for Financial Planning is also involved with several of the College‚Äôs investment courses and the white paper series. He is a CFPM® practitioner, and has an MS degree in personal financial planning and an MSF degree in financial analysis, both from the College for Financial Planning. Jim was the recipient of the Edward D. Baker III Journal Award from IMCA in 2014 for his article Endogenous Risk and Dangers to Market Stability. You can reach Jim at

Complexity Level: Overview